(Registration No. HR008202001643 under Haryana Society HRRS Act, 2012)

NITI Aayog (Govt. Of India) Darpan ID-HR/2020/0252150

Dedicated to: Sports, Women & Child Development, Adult Education & Social work

Office Address: Pana-Milhan, Village-Nahri, Near Bus Stand, Main Road, Distt.-Sonipat, Haryana-131103

About Us


First of all, we will be happy to tell you that our village Nahari, which is the first village in Haryana bordering Delhi, comes under Sonipat district. Therefore, we are living in Haryana and enjoying the lush green land and clean water, air etc. Along with this, the capital of the country and the Union Territory of Delhi are also able to get the full benefit of many services, which mainly include employment, education, transport etc. of the village. The Delhi Transport Corporation bus service is on the border, Narela Railway-Station at 4 to 5 kms, Samaypur Badli Delhi Metro Rail Service at 20 kms, Chhatrasal Stadium at 25 kms, and Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi at 55 kms. Apart from this, vehicles like e-rickshaws, rural service etc. are also available. Due to all these facilities, many times our elders give us an example (saying) that “we dwell on the earth of heaven”.

In contrast, our village, despite being so prosperous, is untouched by many things / deficiencies. One of the main reasons can be called “lack of awareness and proper guidance”. A large section of the village is job-oriented but lacks high positions. From here we can get good sportsmen boys and girls if the effort is to guide at the right time and change the old social ideology or thinking, in which girls were tied to marriage while doing or doing twelfth grade and boys were tied to our Farmers and laborers used to work hard with them. Due to which they are forced to live a normal life or struggle because of their all-round development and not being able to choose a game at the right time and weak in studies. As a result of which, many a times, people fall victim to bad habits like drugs and gambling.

*A Social Initiative *

When the above things were considered by the social intelligentsia, an organization of some people was formed and all the important subjects were evaluated. Subsequently, it was concluded that today the upliftment and all round development of this society, village and all its inhabitants. There is a need for an organization, which we can be seen as an N.G.O. Finally, the fortunate day was received by the village and the first committee registered with the government in this village was named “ADARSH YUVA KHEL AND VIKAS SAMITI, NAHRI”
(registered under HRRS ACT, 2012 of the Government of Haryana) on 27 September 2019.
The committee received the registration number HR 008 2020 01643 as the last registration on 12 February 2020. In the meantime, the committee has a Permanent Account Number (PAN card) from the Income Tax Department, Current Account from State Bank of India and the inauguration of office on 01.12.2019. It was found in NITI Aayog, Government of India on 17 February 2020. NGO Darpan Unique ID HR/2020/0252150 also received.
Presently, the committee is always ready to promote sports, development as well as the elimination of evils, promoting unity and harmony in the village. It is in the forefront of completing its efforts and stunted social work.

Our Team Members

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Sh. Neeraj Kumar

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Sh. Narender Singh Dahiya